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The "document médico-social de transmission" (DMST) in paper format is today used by all health partners in the canton of Vaud (hospitals, home care, regional information and referral offices for healthcare networks, social-medical institutions, etc.).
Due to the number of documents exchanged annually (more than 10'000 documents are exchanged electronically as PDF and several hundreds of thousands on paper...), this situation can no longer last over time and a common technical format needs to be established. Also in order to enable the development of eHealth.
The future DMST will therefore be implemented as a standardized digital document that can in addition be used in the upcoming Swiss electronic patient record.
CDA-CH-SMCP is the name of the electronic version of the DMST. It contains all necessary transmission information about a patient's social-medical domain and can be considered the lowest common denominator for the electronic exchange of data between health care providers.
This specification defines the technical and semantic standard for the electronic and structured exchange of social-medical data. It aligns with international standards and implementation guides and allows sender and receiver to understand each other without prior arrangement.

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  • Tony Schaller
  • dr Kai Heitmann
  • Johannes Gnaegi

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Date By Description
2019‑01‑08 13:01:09 Tony Schaller Official Release: Release: 2.1.0 (31.12.2018)
Version 2.1.0 (corresponds to DMST v3.1, prototype 7.8 updated).
Recreation of same release due to new project configuration.
2019‑01‑04 21:31:48 Tony Schaller Official Release: 2.1.0 (31.12.2018)
Version 2.1.0 (corresponds to DMST v3.1, prototype 7.8 updated)

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