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active Template  Organization Compilation with GLN, name, addr and telecom

Id 2.16.756.
Effective Date 2018‑04‑18
Status active Active Version Label 2017
Name cdach_other_OrganizationCompilationGlnNameAddrTelecom Display Name Organization Compilation with GLN, name, addr and telecom
Reusable template wherever an organization with required GLN as id, name, address and communication means is used in a CDA-CH V2 document. CDA-CH V2 derivatives, i.e. Swiss exchange formats MAY use this template by either reference or specialisation.
Label CDA‑CH V2
Classification Template type not specified
Open/Closed Open (other than defined elements are allowed)
Used by / Uses
Used by 0 transactions and 4 templates, Uses 1 template
Used by as Name Version
2.16.756. Containment draft Insurance - Illness (2018) 2017‑09‑12 12:08:21
2.16.756. link draft Social-medical care plan V2 (2018) 2017‑08‑24 18:00:03
2.16.756. Containment draft Insurance - Accident (2018) 2017‑09‑12 13:26:11
2.16.756. Containment draft Insurance - Complementary (2018) 2017‑09‑12 13:48:54
Uses as Name Version
2.16.756. Containment active Address Information Compilation - eCH-0010 (2017) DYNAMIC
Relationship Specialization: template 2.16.756. Organization Compilation with id, name, addr and telecom (DYNAMIC)
<id root="" extension="7601111111111"/><name>Fuchsbau Medical Services AG</name><telecom value="tel:+41.99.888.77.66" use="WP"/><telecom value="" use="WP"/><telecom value="" use="WP"/><addr>
  <streetName>Specimengasse</streetName>  <houseNumber>99</houseNumber>  <city>Musterhausen</city>  <postalCode>9999</postalCode>  <country>CH</country></addr>
Item DT Card Conf Description Label
II 1 … 1 R The organization's id (GLN). CDA‑CH V2
uid 1 … 1 F
st 1 … 1 R The organization's GLN.
II 0 … * Other organization's id. CDA‑CH V2
uid 1 … 1 R The OID of the system that issued the id. OIDs of code systems, which are published in a public OID registry are REQUIRED. Others are NOT ALLOWED.
st 0 … 1   Contains the ID itself. The ID MUST be unique within the system that issued the ID.
ON 1 … * R The organization's name. CDA‑CH V2
TEL 1 … * R The organization's means of communication (phone, eMail, ...). CDA‑CH V2
AD 1 … * R The organization's address.
Contains 2.16.756. Address Information Compilation - eCH-0010 (DYNAMIC)