DECOR Information for Project: CH-EPR (ch-epr-)

Errors and warnings found during compilation of runtime environment

info Referenced value sets that cannot be found

info Info: All referenced value sets were found.

info Included templates without a corresponding or empty template

info Info: All included templates have a corresponding non-empty template.

info Missing descriptions for identifiers

info Info: No missing identifier descriptions from designations.

info List of issues documented in template sources

info Info: No issues in template sources documented.

info Duplicate key ids in data concepts

info Info: No Duplicate key ids in data concepts.

info Data types and data type flavors used / defined

info Info: No data types or data type flavors used.

info References to ids without a corresponding id

info Info: No references to ids found without a corresponding id.

info Concepts references in representing templates without a corresponding data set concept in source data set

info Info: All concept references in templates attached from transactions were present in the source data set

info Referenced labels that cannot be found

info Info: All used labels are defined.

info Transformation Protocol Info(s) 39 - Error(s) 0 - Warning(s) 0

INFO : *** Started 2023-06-01T13:20:07.684+02:00
INFO : *** Reading DECOR Parameter File
INFO : Parameter switchCreateSchematron: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithWrapperIncludes: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithWarningsOnOpen: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateSchematronClosed: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithExplicitIncludes: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateDocHTML: true
INFO : Parameter switchCreateDocSVG: true
INFO : Parameter switchCreateDocDocbook: false
INFO : Parameter switchCreateDocPDF: tni
INFO : Parameter useLocalAssets: true
INFO : Parameter useLocalLogos: true
INFO : Parameter inDevelopment: false
INFO : Parameter defaultLanguage: en-US
INFO : Parameter switchCreateDatatypeChecks: true
INFO : Parameter useCustomLogo: false
INFO : Parameter useCustomLogoSRC:
INFO : Parameter useCustomLogoHREF:
INFO : Parameter createDefaultInstancesForRepresentingTemplates: true
INFO : Parameter artdecordeeplinkprefix:
INFO : Parameter bindingBehavior: valueSets freeze
INFO : Parameter logLevel: INFO
INFO : Parameter switchCreateTreeTableHtml: true
INFO : *** Creating Documentation html + svg
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Front Page Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Project Page Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Data Sets Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Scenarios Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Identifiers Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Terminology Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Issues Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Compilation Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Legal Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For V2 Implementation Guides (0 scenarios) + svg
INFO : *** Creating Documentation PDF
INFO : *** Creating default instances for representing templates
INFO : *** Finished
INFO : *** Total Processing Time 2256ms - 0h 0m 2s

Data sets, codes, OIDs and Rules: this information is used for rendering and validation purposes.