DECOR Information for Project: CDA-CH-LRTP - Lab Results Transplantation (cdachlrtp-)

Errors and warnings found during compilation of runtime environment

info Referenced value sets that cannot be found

info Info: All referenced value sets were found.

alert Included templates without a corresponding or empty template

Number of missing templates to be included 1 DYNAMIC
Referenced in template:

info Missing descriptions for identifiers

info Info: No missing identifier descriptions from designations.

info List of issues documented in template sources

info Info: No issues in template sources documented.

info Duplicate key ids in data concepts

info Info: No Duplicate key ids in data concepts.

info Data types and data type flavors used / defined

Data type / flavor defined used
AD yes 10x
  AD.EPSOS yes 2x
ANY yes 1x
BL yes 3x
CD yes 7x
CE yes 28x
  CE.EPSOS yes 3x
CS yes 17x
ED yes 5x
EN yes 1x
II yes 70x
  II.EPSOS yes 2x
INT yes 3x
  INT.NONNEG yes 1x
IVL_INT yes 1x
IVL_PQ yes 1x
IVL_TS yes 4x
  IVL_TS.CH.TZ yes 3x
IVXB_INT yes 2x
IVXB_PQ yes 2x
ON yes 5x
PN yes 4x
PQ yes 1x
SC yes 2x
  SD.TEXT yes 4x
ST yes 5x
TEL yes 12x
  TEL.AT yes 1x
  TEL.EPSOS yes 1x
TS yes 10x
  TS.CH.TZ yes 3x
  TS.EPSOS.TZ yes 1x
bl yes 8x
cs yes 64x
int yes 2x
real yes 2x
set_cs yes 2x
st yes 4x
uid yes 20x

info References to ids without a corresponding id

info Info: No references to ids found without a corresponding id.

info Concepts references in representing templates without a corresponding data set concept in source data set

info Info: All concept references in templates attached from transactions were present in the source data set

info Referenced labels that cannot be found

info Info: All used labels are defined.

info Transformation Protocol Info(s) 23 - Error(s) 1 - Warning(s) 1

INFO : *** Started 2017-06-20T17:50:07.643+02:00
INFO : *** Reading DECOR Parameter File
Parameter switchCreateSchematron: true
Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithWrapperIncludes: false
Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithWarningsOnOpen: false
Parameter switchCreateSchematronClosed: true -- NOTE: this setting overrides switchCreateSchematronWithWarningsOnOpen
Parameter switchCreateSchematronWithExplicitIncludes: true
Parameter switchCreateDocHTML: true
Parameter switchCreateDocSVG: true
Parameter switchCreateDocDocbook: false
Parameter switchCreateDocPDF: dsntri
Parameter useLocalAssets: true
Parameter useLocalLogos: true
Parameter inDevelopment: false
Parameter defaultLanguage: en-US
Parameter switchCreateDatatypeChecks: true
Parameter useCustomLogo: false
Parameter useCustomLogoSRC:
Parameter useCustomLogoHREF:
Parameter createDefaultInstancesForRepresentingTemplates: true
Parameter artdecordeeplinkprefix:
Parameter bindingBehavior: valueSets freeze
Parameter logLevel: INFO
Parameter switchCreateTreeTableHtml: true
INFO : *** Creating Schematrons Based On Scenario Transaction Representing Templates
INFO : *** Overall Benchmarking Indicator: 126
ERROR : +++ doGetAllTemplates template not found: dynamic
INFO : *** Benchmarking Indicator For Transaction '': 61
INFO : Included templates: 8
WARN : +++ Value set ref='2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.11526' flexibility='dynamic' displayName='HumanLanguage' skipped for use in schematron as it binds to datatype CS, but has no concepts - in rule CDAlanguageCode: 2015-12-18T00:00:00 (context=/hl7:ClinicalDocument[hl7:templateId[@root='']][hl7:templateId[@root='2.16.756.']][hl7:templateId[@root='2.16.756.']]/hl7:languageCode)
INFO : *** Creating Terminology Files
INFO : *** Creating Schematron mapping file
INFO : *** Creating Documentation html + svg
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Front Page Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Project Page Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Data Sets Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Scenarios Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Identifiers Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Terminology Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Rules/Templates Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Compilation Tab
INFO : *** Creating HTML For Legal Tab
INFO : *** Creating Documentation PDF
INFO : *** Creating default instances for representing templates
INFO : *** Finished
INFO : *** Total Processing Time 17326ms - 0h 0m 17s

Data sets, codes, OIDs and Rules: this information is used for rendering and validation purposes.