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ref Template  CDA SetId VersionNumber

Id 2.16.756.
(from repository: hl7chcda-)
Effective Date valid from 2015‑12‑18
Status active Active Version Label
Name CDAsetIdversionNumber Display Name CDA SetId VersionNumber
Classification CDA Header Level Template
Open/Closed Open (other than defined elements are allowed)
Used by / Uses
Used by 0 transactions and 1 template, Uses 0 templates
Used by as Name Version
2.16.756. Include draft Laborbefund Transplantationsprozesss 2016‑07‑02
Item DT Card Conf Description Label
II 1 … 1 M (CDAsetIdversionNumber)
  Example <setId extension="807563C2-5146-11D5-A672-00B0D022E945" root="2.16.756."/>
INT.NONNEG 1 … 1 M (CDAsetIdversionNumber)
  Example <versionNumber value="1"/>